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Title: ENGL1105: First-year Writing: Introduction to College Composition

Catalog description
ENGL1105: Introduction to rhetorical analysis, visual rhetoric, critical writing, and critical thinking; intensive reading of works in multiple genres; practice in writing and revision; fundamentals of oral presentations. (3H,3C)

Course description
English 1105 is an introduction to college-level composition. In this course, students are introduced to composition’s rhetorical dimensions; they are asked to consider the purpose, audience, occasion, and genre that are called for in a variety of writing, speaking, or visual assignments.

This course also focuses on writing processes, asking students to brainstorm topics, to write drafts, and to revise their writing based on reflection and peer feedback. As students read and respond to each other’s writing, they will learn an important step in addressing readers’ concerns. Each student’s writing is taken seriously, and they are asked to engage seriously with their peers’ writing as well.

Writing and reading go hand-in-hand, of course, so students are asked to read challenging articles, essays, and prose, and to consider photographs, information graphics, or other visual compositions. College composition begins from the assumption that written, visual, and spoken texts can be in conversation with each other. Thus, the readings serve as both models of effective communication and as beginning places for a student’s own written projects.

General course requirements

  • A minimum of three projects for formal grading in addition to a course portfolio. Major projects in English 1105 tend to be 4-10 pages in length.
  • A minimum of 20 pages of informal writing, such as journal responses, discussion board postings, blogs, proposals, etc.
  • At least one short-form oral presentation including the use of visual elements.
Figure 1. ENGL1105 visual curriculum map. The course sponsors three major projects and culminates with a short-form presentation and a carefully organized portfolio with reflection. The complete curriculum map is available online.

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