HokiesWrite.com is an online hub for announcements, resource sharing, and discussion related to Virginia Tech’s University Writing Program. Launched in 2019, the site has continued to build through efforts of the program’s leadership team.

Currently, the site is being developed with program instructional staff in mind, primarily, though the materials we have planned are considering, as well, the interests of other stakeholders, such as students, university administrators, and the general public, within and beyond the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Throughout this academic year, we aspire to expand the site with additional distinguished student writing, as well as profile pieces on our excellent instructional staff.

We’ve continuously developed the site with an understanding that its purposes will almost certainly expand and gain refinement over time. It is with this in mind that we invite your input; we would be grateful to learn about your impressions, to take into account ideas you have for what else this site could offer, and to thread your feedback into the site’s emerging shape. Please share your ideas with us at writing@vt.edu.