July 2021 Announcements

The Composition Program has the following announcements to share for July.

Fall 2021 Canvas Blueprints for ENGL1105 and ENGL1106
The Composition Program leadership team has finished updates to Canvas blueprints for ENGL1105 and ENGL1106. All sections will have those materials iterated/copied and in place by Friday, July 23. Canvas blueprints will primarily feature the instructor guide, an updated calendar, and prompts/descriptions for major projects regarded as common across the curriculum. Other elements from the online version of the courses will remain in place and unpublished; these can easily be deleted or removed altogether as you begin preparations for the new semester. We will also be granting all active Composition faculty and GTAs access to the generic blueprint, so you can access important modules and other select elements at your discretion.

August Workshop and Community Day – Save the Dates
Our August Workshop this fall will be held on August 10-13. Schedule details are still being settled, but we have confirmed that our Community Day will be Thursday, August 12, and that we will have Dr. Steven Alvarez from St. John’s University as our speaker and teaching workshop leader that day. The August workshop’s purposes include to meet and get better acquainted with one another, to become familiar with program leaders and important student affairs offices and staff, to refresh our collective understanding of the writing curriculum and its priorities, to collect, share, and review teaching materials and resources, and to act as a community of practice as we prepare for the teaching in the new semester. These dates along with selected other events have been posted on the program’s draft Fall 2021 calendar at http://www.hokieswrite.com/calendar/.

Flier for Dr. Steven Alvarez’s presentation and workshop for the Composition Program’s Community Day, Thursday, August 12, from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. in Shanks 370/380. These events are free and open to the public.

2021-2022 Composition Program Textbook – Understanding Rhetoric VT Custom Edition
The Composition Program textbook for 2021-2022 will be principally available in a digital format, with a limited number of printed/paperback copies available for purchase. Printed copies have arrived. Those will be distributed during the first week of August. We have also received codes for the ePub/online version of the book, but we are still waiting for the go-ahead from Macmillan before distributing the codes (the custom division has run into some delays with final proofs). We expect to have the codes sent to everyone no later than Friday, July 23. Pricing has remained stable for both print/paperback versions (68 USD) and ePub/digital versions (48 USD). Additional information is on HokiesWrite at http://www.hokieswrite.com/textbook/.

Composition Program Handbook and Outstanding Teaching Portfolios
We want to remind everyone about two invaluable resources to support and guide preparation for the academic year ahead: the Composition Program Handbook and Outstanding Teaching Portfolios. The handbook is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TwC-8ev27KV2vfCOAmnVYyBTktNMNgcbKvXWeHnFG8I/edit?usp=sharing, and the portfolios are at http://www.hokieswrite.com/outstanding-teaching-portfolios/.

Distinguished Writing from ENGL1105 & ENGL1106
At the end of the spring semester, we received six additional pieces of distinguished student writing, which were published on HokiesWrite.com in June (http://www.hokieswrite.com/distinguished-writing/). We encourage everyone teaching first-year writing at Virginia Tech to consider spotlighting these pieces and teaching them with first-year students next year.

Continue to let us on the program leadership team know if you have any questions we can help with.