Instructional Staff

Directory listing of all instructional staff for the Virginia Tech Composition Program, including office hours which should be presumed to be held online unless otherwise posted during the Fall 2020 semester. To request a change or update, send a request to composition -AT-

NameEmailRoleDegree or programOffice LocationFA20 Office Hours
Allnutt, Robinrallnut@vt.eduInstructorMFA, George Mason, 1997Shanks 237MWF, 9-5, and by appt.
Ankong, Honoraahonora98@vt.eduGTAMFA(2)Shanks 448T 1-2pm
Armstrong, Juliejuliadarmstrong@vt.eduGTAMFA(1)Shanks 238
Awotayo, Yemiolayemi@vt.eduGTAPHD(2)Shanks 248MW, 1-3
Baker, Nettanettab@vt.eduInstructorMA, Kansas State, 2013Shanks 414TTh, 9:30-12:15, 2-4:45, by appt.
Baker, Shaunshibadou@vt.eduInstructorMA, Kansas StateShanks 353MF, 11-2
Becker, Timtimbecker@vt.eduInstructorMA, NC State, 2019Shanks 222TF, 11-12, and by appt.
Belcher, Cassiecjbelcher@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 242MWF 9-10, 3-5
Bloomer, Lissaebloomer@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia TechShanks 445TTh, 12-3, and by appt.
Boudreau, Sarahsboudreau@vt.eduGTAMFA(3)Shanks 450TBD
Bronson, Meganbronson@vt.eduGTAPHD(1)Shanks 340CW 11-1
Broyden, Maxbmaxed12@vt.eduGTAMA(1)Shanks 246
Buzzek, Mina Victoriaminavictoria@vt.eduGTAMFA(1)Shanks 238
Canter, Bobbcanter@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2013Shanks 219MWF, 10-2, and by appt.
Christopher, Blessingblessingc@vt.eduGTAMFA(2)Shanks 242M 12-2 pm
Conaway, Seanseconawa@vt.eduInstructorMFA, Virginia TechShanks 241MWF, 10:10-12:05, and by appt.
Corradi, Ariaricorradi@vt.eduGTAMA(1)Shanks 248
Correll, Colleencolle78@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2017Shanks 451T, 11-12, 3:30-4:30; Th, 11-12:30
Coyne, Kennedyklcoyne@vt.eduGTAMFA(1)Shanks 250
Dragon, Nathanndragon@vt.eduGTAMFA(1)Shanks 424
Drapeau, Jaclyn djaclyn5@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2018Shanks 222M, 2:30-3:30; T, 2-4, and by appt.
Elhuage, Dashdelhauge@vt.eduGTAMFA(3)Shanks 246TBD
Evans, GTAPHD(2)Shanks 248
Ewing, Rachelrme004@vt.eduGTAMA(1)Shanks 450
Farrou, Irisirisfarrou@vt.eduGTAPHD(3)Shanks 340B, Center for Rhetoric in SocietyMF, 12:30-1:30
Fehr, Lauralauraf2@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2015Shanks 329AW, 10-12; Th, 10-2
Fernandes, Maggiemargaretf@vt.eduGTAPHD(3)Shanks 440MF, 10-12
Franklin, Cheyennecrfran06@vt.eduGTAPHD(4)Shanks 203W, 1-3, and by appt.
Ganguly, Priyankapriyankag@vt.eduGTAPHD(1)Shanks 340C
Garvoille, Alexagarvoille@vt.eduGTAMFA(3)Shanks 442By appt.
Gibbs, Jaredjagibbs2@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2010Shanks 425TTh, 2-4, and by appt.
Gonsalves, Florencefgonsalves@vt.eduGTAMFA(1)Shanks 440
Gray, Katkatmgray@vt.eduGTAPHD(3)Shanks 203M, Th, 4-5
Greene, Justinjrgreene@vt.eduInstructorPhD, VCU, 2018Shanks 239MWF, 3-5
Hargrave, Rachelrachh15@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 438W 12-2
Hobin, Andrewahobin@vt.eduInstructorMFA, Virginia Tech, 2013Shanks 351Th, 9-11
Homsher, Kirakirakh@vt.eduGTAMFA(2)Shanks 250M, 1-3
Hooper, Roberthoop@vt.eduInstructorMFA, Virginia Tech, 2014Shanks 243MF, 12-2
Inthajak, Faiatinutin@vt.eduGTAPHD(4)Shanks 438MW, 12-1, and by appt.
Johnson, Carterjohnsoncd20@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 442W 11:30-1:00
Johnson, Ingridingridb@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2014Shanks 449W, 9-3, and by appt.
Jones, Andréandjones@vt.eduInstructorMA, Kean U, 2016Shanks 247Th, 10-12
Karagulle, Mehlika GTAMA(1)Shanks 440
King, Skylerskyking25@vt.eduGTAPHD(1)Shanks 340CW, 9-10 a.m.
Lara, Sonyaslara203@vt.eduGTAMFA(2)Shanks 244M, 1-3, and by appt.
Lawrence, Jennyjlwrnc@vt.eduInstructorMA, Radford, 1994Newman 2005MWF, 10-11, and by appt.
Le Corre-Cochran, Vickivlecorre@vt.eduInstructor (PTI)MA, Virginia Tech, 2005Shanks 429Th, 11-12, and by appt.
Lewis, Asiahasiah1@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 424M, W 1-2
Liebel, Carolinecjliebel@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 250W 12:30-1:30
Massey, Evanevanm18@vt.eduGTAMFA(3)Shanks 442By appt.
Maycock, Shellymmayco@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 1985Shanks 225MTW, 12-1; T, 5-6, and by appt.
McGlone, Amandaakm1231@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2016Shanks 221MW, 9-3
Mengert, Juliejmengert@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2003Shanks 217TBD
Mooney, Stevepinemtn@vt.eduInstructorPhD, Kentucky, 1998Shanks 337TTh, 2-3:15, 3:30-4:45, and by appt.
Moore, Mary Densonmmoore@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 1984Shanks 208TTh, 1:45-2:15, and by appt.
Morse, Kirakgmorse@vt.eduInstructorEdD, Texas A&M, 2012Shanks 247WF, 2-3; TTh, 9-10, and by appt.
Mueller, Derekdmueller@vt.eduAssociate ProfessorPhD, Syracuse, 2009Shanks 315M, 10-12, and by appt
Murphy, Aileenaileen@vt.eduInstructorMFA, Colorado State, 1989Shanks 421TTh, 2:30-3:25, and by appt.
Neilan, Leslielneilan@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia TechShanks 212MTh, 2:30-4, and by appt.
O'Kane, Karenokane@vt.eduInstructor (PTI)PhD, Carnegie Mellon, 1998Shanks 410Th, 3:30-4:30, and by appt.
Oakey, Stevesoakey@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2004Shanks 211MW, 9:30-10:30
Ornelas, Mirna Palaciomirnapo@vt.eduGTAMFA(3)Shanks 448By appt.
Patton, Randyrandy.patton@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 1992Shanks 251MW, 11-12
Payne, Savannahsavannahcp@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 238M, 2-4; W 1-2:15
Portela, Taylortportela@vt.eduGTAMFA(2)Shanks 242T, Th 12:30-1:30
Raab, Anniearaab@vt.eduGTAMFA(3)Shanks 446By appt.
Reynolds, Steffsreynolds@vt.eduInstructorMA, EMU, 2019Shanks 349MT, 1-2
Richards, Theotheorichards@vt.eduGTAMFA(1) Shanks 446
Robertson, Chloechloerobertson@vt.eduGTAPHD(2)Shanks 248M, 12:30-2:30; W, 12:30-1:30
Ruccolo, Vanessavruccolo@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia TechShanks 439By appt.
Rush, Karakarar@vt.eduGTAMA(1)Shanks 444
Saunders, Tylertsaund1@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2019Shanks 349W, 2-5
Scallorns, Joejscallorns@vt.eduInstructorShanks 206T, 3:15-4:15, and by appt.
Shafer, Luanalshafer3@vt.eduGTAPHD(2)Shanks 203M, 12:30-2:30
Smith, Andrewasmith64@vt.eduInstructor (PTI)PhD, Missouri, 1997Shanks 453TTh, 11-12:15, 2-3:15, 3:30-4:45, and by appt.
Snyder, Trevortsnyder19@vt.eduInstructorMA, EMU, 2015Shanks 410TTh, 11-12
Sullivan, Shannonshannonk101@vt.eduGTAMFA(1)Shanks 442
Taylor, Christinacetay39@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2019Shanks 433W, 3-5
Wallace, Laurenlnwallac@vt.eduGTAPHD(4)Shanks 446MTh, 3-4
Weaver, Meganmmweaver@vt.eduCollegiate Assistant ProfessorPhD, Old Dominion, 2020Shanks 433M, 10-12pm; F, 10-11am
Whittemore, Rhysrhyswhit@vt.eduGTAMA(2)Shanks 238M, 1-3
Williams, Martimichellew@vt.eduGTAPHD(2)Shanks 244M 10:30-12:30
Wilson, Christophercpwilson@vt.eduInstructor (PTI)MFA, Virginia Tech, 2019Shanks 410M-F, 12:15-1, and by appt.
Yu, Mengmyu1@vt.eduInstructorPhD, Georgia State, 2019Shanks 410M, 3-5, and by appt.
Zaldívar, Bessiebessieflores@vt.eduGTAMFA(2)Shanks 438MWF, 9:05-9:55; T, 4-5
Zaldivar, Marcmzaldiva@vt.eduInstructor (PTI)PhD, Virginia Tech, 2008Torgersen 2230AMWF 9:05-9:55 am, T 4-5 pm
Zan, Jennajenzan@vt.eduInstructorMA, Virginia Tech, 2017Shanks 329ATTh, 1-2, and by appt.