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Title: ENGL1106: First-Year Writing: Writing from Research

Catalog description
Continued study in rhetorical analysis and the conventions of various genres; intensive instruction in writing and revision of work that incorporates research; experience in oral presentations. (3H,3C)

Course description
English 1106 builds on the habits, skills, and practices focused upon in English 1105. As its name implies, however, English 1106 is also an introduction to writing from research, including scholarly sources and appropriate research methods. For example, students are asked to find and cite sources from the library and the Internet, but they are also asked to conduct primary research, developing and using tools such as interviews, observations, or surveys.

In addition to practicing research skills by searching for and collecting primary and secondary sources, students will practice synthesizing elements of research into coherent wholes. Successful synthesis of research requires that interpreting and understanding sources and putting them in conversation with each other. This work also emphasizes correctly documenting and attributing sources.

General course requirements

  • A minimum of three projects for formal grading in addition to a course portfolio. Major projects in English 1106 tend to be 5-15 pages in length, adhering to APA or MLA citation conventions.
  • A minimum of 20 pages of informal writing, such as journal responses, discussion board postings, blogs, proposals, etc.
  • At least one short-form oral presentation including the use of visual elements.
Figure 1. ENGL1106 visual curriculum map. The course sponsors three major projects and culminates with a short-form presentation and a carefully organized portfolio with reflection. The complete curriculum map is being developed and will be available soon.
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