Call for Proposals for HokiesWrite Blog

Accepting submissions for Fall 2021 through October 30.

As yet another pandemic semester is well underway, many of us here at Virginia Tech are back in the classroom for the first time since March 2020. In the year and a half since education shifted online, we revised and updated our policies to adjust to every “new normal” that the last few semesters dished out. From the dis/comfort of our homes, we navigated technical difficulties and time zones to work with students located all over the world. We practiced kindness and hoped for some kindness in return. 

We are seeking submissions from writing teachers here at Virginia Tech about the experiences of teaching writing over the last year and a half. We hope to see narratives and reflections about teaching during the last year that draws connections and offers perspectives on accessible, inclusive pedagogies during uncertain times. In particular, we are looking for pieces that share stories about the experiences of re-seeing writing pedagogies through the prism of unprecedented times and national conversations about racial justice and accessibility and inclusion.

We are looking for pieces that speak to the following topics and themes on pandemic pedagogies:

  • Reflections on evolving pedagogies in response to some of the big conversations in writing studies (accessibility, educational technology, antiracism, linguistic justice, and ungrading) and their intersections with the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Reflections on self-care for writing teachers during an ongoing pandemic;
  • Reflections on what it means to return to the classroom after a year of emergency virtual learning;
  • Stories of successful and/or not-so-successful implementation of pandemic pedagogies. 


To contribute, please send a brief proposal (100-200 words) to  We will be accepting submissions this semester through October 30, 2021.

Essays for the blog should be roughly 750 – 1000 words. We also welcome proposals for collaborative and/or multimodal posts (such as interviews, podcasts, videos, photo essays, etc.). Multimodal posts should include transcriptions, alt-text, and other accessibility considerations. 

For this first semester, HokiesWrite will only be able to publish 6 posts during the Fall 2021 semester, and we will prioritize pieces that best align with this semester’s theme. If we receive enough submissions, we will queue additional posts to be posted during the Spring 2022 semester. For more information or to suggest topics/themes for future CFPs, please email

Editorial Process

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and we will contact you within a week of submission about the status of your proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, we will ask for a complete version of the blog within 2 weeks. If any minor changes need to be made, we will communicate those changes with you prior to publication on HokiesWrite.