Textbook Update

As of Wednesday, August 25, Printed/bound copies of Understanding Rhetoric (Virginia Tech custom edition) are no longer available in the Follett campus bookstore; they’ve sold out. So we wanted to provide a reminder here about the options and locations for purchasing a copy of the eBook, provided through VitalSource. Here are the ways you can purchase access to the eBook, or reserve copies available in Newman Library.

1. Visit the Follett campus bookstore.
Either in-store or online, you can purchase access to the textbook in VitalSource for approximately $48 USD. If you wish to have a printed version of any section of the book, VitalSource also makes it possible to print up to 50 pages.

2. Visit VitalSource directly.
The book can be purchased at the VitalSource website and “Add to cart.” Here, too, you can purchase access for approximately $48 USD.

3. Visit Newman Library reserves.
Three printed/bound copies are available for limited checkout in Newman Library. Visit the website or the Newman Library Services counter on the second floor for more information.

Note (9/2): An additional 50 copies of the printed book are due to ship to Blacksburg on 9/10 and should reach the bookstore on campus by approximately 9/13.

If you have any questions or concerns about the textbook used this semester in ENGL1105 and ENGL1106, please write to composition -AT- vt.edu, and we will do what we can to help.