Fifteen from Virginia Tech to Present at 71st Annual CCCC

Fifteen faculty and graduate students from Virginia Tech will present at the 71st annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 25-28, in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Wednesday, March 25
Sheila Carter-Tod, Virginia Tech: Wed., 3/25, MW.02 Mind Mapping across Cultural Rhetorics: Innovating Commonplaces for Intersectional Knowledge-Making (Theory and Culture)

Thursday, March 26
Monique Dufour, Virginia Tech, Thur., 3/26, D.44 Supporting Faculty as Writers and Teachers: Why Not Both? (Research)
Chris Lindgren, Virginia Tech, Thur., 3/26, TSIG.24 Special Interest Group on the Writing and Rhetorics of Code

Friday, March 27
Cassandra Hockman, Virginia Tech, G.34 Commonplaces and Public(s): Pedagogy for Professional and Science Writing, “Partnering Undergraduate Science Writing Classes with Life Science Laboratories: Findings and Recommendations from a 3-Year Study” (Professional and Technical Writing)
Katie Beth Brooks, Virginia Tech, G.48 Shifting Expectations: Exploring Methodological Commonplaces in Appalachian Scholarship (Theory and Culture)
Savannah Paige Murray, Virginia Tech, G.48 Shifting Expectations: Exploring Methodological Commonplaces in Appalachian Scholarship (Theory and Culture)
Alisha Scott, Virginia Tech, H.05 Considering Boundaries and Challenges in Student Personal Writing Assignments, “Narratives of Disclosure: Reconsidering the Ethics of Personal Writing Assignments in Composition Pedagogy for Neurodiverse and Marginalized Students” (Approaches to Learning and Learners)
Carolyn Commer, Virginia Tech, H.09 Creating New Commonplaces for Community-Based Work: On Refiguring “Strategic Planning,” “Empowerment,” and “Advocacy,” “Reframing the University Strategic Plan: From Technical Problem-Solving to Adaptive Community Inquiry” (Community, Civic & Public Contexts of Writing)
Brian Gaines, Virginia Tech, H.38 Rhetorical Commonplaces: Exclusion and Inclusion in a Mediated World (Theory and Culture)
Jon Adams, Virginia Tech, I.43 Revisiting Disciplinary Figures, Revising Commonplaces, “Ghost Valley Pedagogy: Introducing Guiguzi to the 21st-Century Composition Classroom” (Theory and Culture)
Katy Powell, Virginia Tech, J.10 Preserving Local Stories through Community Partnerships, “Oral Histories of University (Common) Spaces: (Co)Creating Interactive Digital Archives (CIDA) for Inclusive Histories” (Community, Civic & Public Contexts of Writing)

Saturday, March 28
Megan Weaver, Virginia Tech, L.32, Embracing Places Uncommon: Language, Access, Power, and Inclusivity, “Walking the Walk of Critical Language Pedagogy” (Language and Literacy)
Andrew Kulak, Virginia Tech, N.22, Shifting Big Data Commonplaces: Text Mining Methodologies and Data Analytics for Social Good, “Topic Modeling Affect to Shift User Privacy Commonplaces” (Information Technologies and Digital Cultures)
Derek Mueller, Virginia Tech, N.25, Troubling Unexamined Notions of Time in Writing Lives and Scholarly Careers, “Navigating Time Warps at the Intersection of Intellectual and Personal Writing Lives” (Institutions, Labor Issues, and Professional Life)
Brooke Covington, Virginia Tech, N.29, Mapping What Matters: Discovering Commonplaces in the Writing Classroom (Inventions, Innovations, and New Inclusions)